In the summer months Bimini tops provide protection from harmful UV rays as well as shielding you from rain. Our Biminis mesh with the style and proportion of your boat, keeping the aesthetic integrity of your vessel.

This type of boat top can be found on many different sizes and styles of boats.   They are supported by stainless steel or aluminum framing that can be easily raised and lowered.  Sometimes they are also supported by straps to stabilize the bimini while underway.   Bimini boat tops are great for shade and depending on the customers needs come with forward, aft and side panels that are typically fabricated with StrataGlass for visability.  The Bimini top canvas is secured to the framing by zipper and can easily be removed during storage or for cleaning.

All our custom-designed Bimini tops are constructed with zippered frame pockets for easy installation and removal. We can also include a custom-fitted boot to secure and protect the Bimini top when it is folded back and not in use. For the structural components we construct the framework from 7/8”, 1”, or 1¼” stainless steel tubing, as appropriate for the width of your boat. All fastening hardware is also stainless.

Biminis are typically constructed from Sunbrella material.

Like a Bimini Top, a Fly Bridge Cover encloses your fly bridge and almost always has surrounding enclosure panels that are easily taken on or off with zippers and snaps.  Even if you already have a fly bridge bimini top, completing the fly bridge enclosure with panels is a great investment.  It’s an easy option to provide protection for electronics, carpet, or furnishings.  It’s a very cost effective option when protecting an expensive investment.


A convertible top is commonly found on a cruiser style boat where there is no fiberglass hardtop covering the cockpit area.   It’s the perfect boat top to protect the driver from the weather or provides shade on those sunny days.  Typically, it can be folded back to the radar arch.  It is supported by stainless steel or aluminum framing with zippers securing the fabric to the frame.  It’s secured to the windshield with snaps. Pelican Canvas incorporates a rubber welting product in this area to provide a contact seal between the canvas and windshield to prevent leakage.


A common boat cover is the cockpit cover or an aft curtain.   It’s for the boat owner that doesn’t plan on spending much time on their boat during bad weather.  These are very easy boat covers to put on and take off because they are secured with snaps around the windshield area or the radar bridge.  It can be “tented up” in the middle of the cover with a pole so water can easily flow off the canvas.

If your boat has a radar arch the cover will extend from the back of the arch down to the back of your boat.  Cockpit Covers and Aft Curtains can be all canvas or have an eisenglass window in the back.  They are attached to other canvas panels and/or a radar arch with zippers and then to the boat by snaps.


Boating season lasts longer when the captain and crew aren’t exposed to wind and rain. Pelican Canvas fabricates complete enclosures for the cockpit or fly-bridge.  Commonly referred to as a camper top, full enclosure boat tops extend from the cockpit area of a boat all the way back to the aft.   These are common boat canvas tops in the Northwest and are fabricated to work with convertible or bimini tops.

A good enclosure begins with the bimini or convertible top. Windowed panels are then built to attach to the perimeter flaps and the boat. During the initial consultation we will work with you to determine the best attachment methods to suit both form and function. We make enclosures that will look good and work for your individual needs.

Enclosure panels are canvas and eisenglass windows.  The size and location of the windows are customized to suit the level of privacy or openness you desire. Another option is to add zippers into the windows or screens to allow air movement.  More boaters are moving to full eisenglass window enclosures in the aft for maximum visibility while underway in inclement weather.   This is all personal preference based on how you want to use your boat and boat top.

Most of our enclosures last 10 years or more with proper care. We use high quality materials such as Sunbrella for the top and panel perimeters; 60-gauge Polycarbonate or 40-gauge StrataGlass for the windows. You’ll want to keep it clean. Have it professionally inspected and maintained every 3-5 years to extend the life of your investment.

To protect the finish of your boat—whether paint or varnish—you might consider a full-boat cover to keep it clean and dry. Typically, a full-boat cover pays for itself after two or three seasons.

Canvas mooring covers are as unique as the vessels they cover. From runabouts and fishing boats, to pontoon, inflatables and larger vessels, all boat storage covers need to fit tight so your boat is clean and ready to go anytime. If you want to keep the dirt and rain out during the season, you need a mooring cover and Pelican Canvas can create that perfect weather shield to protect your boating investment.

Mooring covers can be snapped down around the topside of your boat or extended beyond the rub rail as shown in the illustration.  A mooring cover can be modified to be used as a trailer cover which will then have tie down straps that typically wrap around the bottom of your boat for maximum security.   Mooring covers can also be used during winter storage but you want to be sure that there is enough “pitch” in the canvas cover so snow and other blown debris can easily slide off and not get caught on and cause sagging in your cover.

We work with you to create a cover that is durable yet relatively easy to get on and off. Details are important. We handcraft each boat cover for an exact fit using only the highest quality materials and fasteners to maximize the cover’s life. All custom canvas mooring cover projects begin with a personal client interview and boat inspection to analyze your specific needs. We discuss options and material quality and then determine a storage cover plan to fit your vessel’s specific design. We want to give you protection that is easy to use.

Using top-grade, dependable fabrics helps our covers last for over ten years with proper maintenance. That means cleaning your cover each spring. Though cleaning is necessary, it will break down the waterproofing in Sunbrella fabric.  You will need to retreat your top with a marine-grade water repellent.  We will make sure you know how to take care of your canvas to get the most out of your investment.

Full boat covers need to be inspected every two to three years to prevent premature degradation. Avoid placing any tarp or other cover over your canvas as you may damage your canvas.


A windshield cover provides maximum protection for an important part of your boat and also prevents the sun from warming up your air-conditioned cabin on those hot summer days.  Windshield covers are found on larger boats since on smaller boats you can extend a cockpit cover down over the windshield if desired.

Superior marine carpeting is now readily available.  Infinity Fabrics Luxury Woven Vinyl® is not only beautiful but it is very functional marine carpeting.  It is featured in many new boat models.

Upgrading to Infinity Fabrics Luxury Woven Vinyl® carpeting has never been easier.   We can pattern any boat’s interior or exterior and fit it with the carpeting via glue down, snaps or it can lay on it’s own.  We can pattern new carpeting using your current carpet if it still fits well.  This helps save you money.

There are new product designs offered every year and over 100 designs and patterns to choose from for your marine carpeting needs.

Product Features & Benefits are:

  • 100% Recyclable & Certifiably Green®
  • Heavy Commercial Traffic Rated
  • Anti-Microbial: Promoting No Bacterial Growth
  • Moisture Barrier
  • Soil & Stain Resistant
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Appearance Retention
  • Ultra-Violet Stable & Fade Resistant
  • Dense Attached Cushion Backing with No Delamination
  • Non-slip Backing
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Impervious to Gasoline, Grease, & Motor Oil
  • Unaffected by Sea Gull & Spider Defecation
  • Top Acoustic Rating enabling a Quite Ride
  • Flammability: Top Rating in All Categories
  • Infinity Fabrics Luxury Woven Vinyl® products carry a limited ten year warranty.

So your canvas looks good overall but you have some issues here and there?  We offer boat canvas repair service for many different items such as –

  • Boat Covers
  • Boat Tops
  • Canvas
  • All types of Fasteners
  • Windows (aka “the plastic window”)
  • Zippers
  • Binding
  • Re-stitching

The first step in repairing your boat canvas is to contact us to discuss what work needs to be done.   There are many minor repairs that can be done to your boat cover such as re-stitching, new binding along the edges and maybe some new snaps.  For those more complex boat cover or canvas repairs we prefer to visit you at your boat to review with you what work needs to be done.   Whenever you do any kind of repair to your boat cover, boat top or canvas you’ll be extending the life on an important investment.  These repairs will also make your boating experience more enjoyable.

We like to address these needs quickly for customers and most of the time we can complete canvas repairs in a timely manner during the spring and summer seasons.

Repair During the Winter

The winter months are the best time to get more minor but needed repairs done so you start the summer with one less item on your list.   Contact us in the fall before you prepare to haul out your boat to make an appointment for complete inspection of your canvas, pointing out any problem areas and solutions.


A good foundation is needed for boat covers and enclosures.   A beautiful boat canvas enclosure needs to be built on a solid and sturdy frame otherwise you will be making an investment that will have a limited lifespan.  Pelican Canvas offers marine frame design services for boats and yachts.   We can replace an existing frame, alter a current design or add something totally new that fits your specific needs.


It is usually apparent a boat frame is no longer “square”.  Frames will degrade over time from general usage, exposure to the elements, and misuse.   One common misstep on older framing is to not repairing broken fittings immediately.  When there is a breakdown in one area, stress is typically added to another area of the frame which typically fails when excessive force is applied.  This can be caused by wind, storms or a boater using the frame to balance in rough seas.

Pelican Canvas will analyze your current frame and make the necessary recommendations if you require a new frame on your boat.


Looking to make a few minor adjustments or build something totally new?  We can help!   Pelican Canvas works with the latest design technology which will transform your vision into reality.   We’ll take measurements of your boat then design your new frame to your specifications.